Giant pet alligator safely rescued by Exotic Animal Park

Albert the alligator is big enough to be called as a giant, the 43 year old alligator weighs 800 pounds and 12 feet long.
But so far, Albert seems to be a gentle giant.

Gentle giant Albert was the pet of Stuart resident Richard Beamon, a 69 years old taxidernist who died Wednesday.

As Beamon is no more, being greatly concerned about Alberts well being the family and friends called upon the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood Oklahoma rescue Albert and give him and the other pet reptiles a good  and perfect care to satisfy the soul of Beamon.

He was well cared by his owner, and they used to have a very good relationship, when ever he was called  by his owner he used to respond immediately and would come like a dog, according to relatives Albert was Beamon’s best friend.

Albert is a common alligator he is quite famous . He has appeared in Toyota commercials and movies like “Eraser” and “Undercover Blues” . In fact, officials say he’s still earning in royalty cheques.

However, Albert is healthy and enjoying his new flat at the animal park. It’s equipped with a swimming pool, and well very soon if every thing goes fine he is going to have a girlfriend.

For more information about how they rescued big Albert’s, click here [] for the G.W. Animal Park.

Source: GWPark


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