Free Pet Medication Card helps cut pet medication costs

Free Pet Medication Card is like a friend of bad times, when pet and pet owners are really facing tough economic times. The recession isn’t only hard on Americans, but also their pets. Many pets are being given up daily due to tough economic times–people who lost their job or other income can no longer afford to take care of them.

This free pet medication card is from the founders of,  it is a free pet medication card program offered to all American pet owners who want to cut their pet medication costs, you can find it through

According to President Rex Bowden Jr. pets are treated like members of the family, recent slow economy is tough enough on a family already without having to give up a member over something like pet medication costs.

The prescription drug card will help pet owners save on their cash payments for prescribed pet medications.

How it works:
Fill out the form
Print your pet medication drug card
Bring your pet medication drug card to and local pharmacy

Benefits :
No decuctibles
no waiting periods
no pre-existing exclusions
every qualifies
instant activation

The free pet medication card generated and printed online by filling out a simple form, will help Americans save on veterinary prescriptions at over 52,000 pharmacies nationwide. Savings vary on each medication, and may be as high as 75% off retail prices.

For more information about these free pet medication cards, please visit [] or contact Rex Bowden at 225-266-7941.

Source: PRWeb


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  1. KillahBee Says:

    I agree with this don’t let your pets suffer under you having less change in your pocket. []

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