Feelings of a dog owner after reunited with his best friend

These are the best stories to tell, which we really love to relish, and let others be relished too.

Life really sucked without having my best friend,” this was the feelings which was translated into words by Navy Seabee Chris Touchatt, 24, of Oxnard. Touchatt’s foot was shattered in the accident where his best friend Darla ran off from sheer fright.

But when they reunited, there was no words only feelings and tears exists, which we can also realize from the picture.

Getting your best friend back, wow! just see how little Darla almost went into sleep, it shows how much mental trouble this little creature had to face when she could not able to get back to her human best friend, and now she is at home and highly secured in the lap of her owner, her body language shows how relax she is.

What about Chris ? as per the picture he is really not interested with any worldly things not even his painful injured leg, holding his best friend very carefully as if a “new mother” is holding her “new born baby”, very close to the heart, but very alert not to disturb, the long lost baby is sleeping.

Now how they reunited? let’s come out of the dream, no the feelings did not worked here, 19 years old mechanic, Craig Hernandez, could found Darla’s thankful owner by the help of a tag attached with the dog’s collar.

Hernandez took a picture of Darla with his cell phone and sent the image to the Yuba City number on the dog tag, along with a message: “Is this your dog?”

The rest of the story is in the picture and here [www.appeal-democrat.com/news/heard_72343___article.html/sound_dog.html]


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