Exotics Importation Being Regulated

A six-month ban preventing the further importation of dangerous animals into Cowley County could go into effect as soon as Tuesday and serve as a way to monitor exotics until state laws are finalized in 2006, a county official said today.

Local rules will be based on a portion of regulations enforced by Sedgwick County.

Those regulations define what constitutes an “inherently dangerous mammal or reptile” and cover animals including wolves and wolf hybrids, non-domesticated felines weighing more than 15 pounds, bears, venomous snakes, crocodiles, alligators and caimans.

During the six months, commissioners plan to give owners who already have exotic animals, the opportunity to register their dangerous pets using a self-reporting short form that has yet to be created, the county clerk said. Brooks’ office will serve as the registration center.

Dangerous animal owners who fail to report their pets could face penalties. And if it is not recorded then it would be considered as an new importation.

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