Doggy Breath Improver is a Killer in Disguise?

Dog Owners Say “Greenies” Killed Their Pet.

A highly popular dog treat, designed to clean the animals’ teeth and improve “doggy breath,” is getting a closer look by pet owners and federal authorities amid growing complaints they might be harmful.

Now, the company that makes “Greenies” dog treats faces a $5 million lawsuit by a New York couple who say their dog died after eating a Greenie.

The couple told WCBS-TV in New York that the day after giving the dog the treat, they took him to the vet where he underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. Reiff and Eastwood say it was a portion of a Greenie that caused the problem. Their pet died two days later.

Various media reports say the $5 million suit alleges design defects, negligence, and the company’s failure to warn of a possible danger. The plaintiffs reportedly have asked the company to recall and reformulate the product.

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