Dog training centres in China cash in on pet craze

NEW DELHI - Dog training centres are cashing in on the latest pet craze in China.

Although the number of pet owners is small, they do not hesitate to splash money to pamper their pooches. There are about 100 dog training centres in China.

For instance at Beijing, Jinjiajun Dog Training Centre, an hour’s drive from the centre of the city, all the 10 “VIP” rooms, each of which can accommodate four dogs, have been booked, reports The China Daily.

And the centre’s 40 dog trainers have their hands full.

Dog owners also have an option to choose from different courses at Jinjiajun.

And the most popular being the basic one-month training costing 4,500 yuan, which uses “German techniques”.

Dogs can also be trained for shows at 5,000 yuan a month, basic agility at 4,500 a month for at least three months, or anti-terrorism maneuvers costing 5,000 yuan a month for a minimum six months.

However, training German Shepherds is the costliest with the fees around 10,000 yuan a month for up to six months.

The centre has purebred dogs from around the world, too, which can mate with pets for a fee. It also has a school to train dog trainers and a facility that sells training equipment.

Lu Yuanjie, Jinjiajun’s manager said that plenty of dog owners need help.

“These people are rich and successful in their fields but when it comes to dealing with their dogs, they are at a loss,” he added. (ANI)


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