Dog owners are accountable for dog biting: Confirms 33 states

“Come along don’t worry he is a friendly dog”, but, your dog might not be always friendly for others.

The majority of dog bite incidents are not from unknown dogs; 77% of people bitten are bitten by a friend’s dog and half of all dog bites occur at the dog’s home.

It is true that most of us do not deliberately keep biter pets, or make them biter, but it is very important to remember that certain precautions should always be taken even with your most Innocent fido.

Currently in 33 states, the owner of a dog is held to be completely responsible if his/her dogs hurts, or kills a person. Many other states are in the process of passing similar bills.

The very significant incident that propelled many of these legislations that hold dog owners accountable was a San Francisco, CA case in which a lawyer’s dogs attacked and killed Diane Whipple.
Majorie Knoller and her husband were both sentenced to time in prison and hefty fines, and were held liable to Whipple’s death as well.

This particular case teaches us that we should always keep in mind the aggressive tendencies of animal and should  take special care when dealing with any animal, whether we know him or not.

Dogs being an animal it is quite difficult to point out any dog breed as safe breed. But according to past report of attacks and
breed reputation we may be specify the following breeds as dangerous.

Pit Bulls
Doberman Pinschers
German Shepherd
Siberian Huskies
Alaskan Malamutes
Perro de presa Canarios
Great danes
Saint Bernard

Some dogs may be identified as having aggressive personalities but good training can greatly minimise the risk of such aggressiveness.  Whereas improper handling and bad treatment may convert a good friendly dog into an aggressive biter.


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  1. ellz Says:

    heyyaa wow this storyy is so amazing wot a doberman can do such wonderful dogs i have 9 dobes at the moment very handsome and beautiful! luv them all well that storyy has certainlyy opened my eyes?! xxxxxxxxxxx

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