Delicate Pedigree Pets Should Have Pet Insurance

Owners of delicate pedigree pets should make sure they have adequate pet insurance to cover hereditary conditions.

Expert says pedigree dogs and cats are more susceptible to some illnesses than their mixed-breed counterparts - making insurance essential if owners want to avoid costly vet’s fees.

A survey by the Sainsbury’s bank found almost 40 per cent of pedigree pet policy holders will make a claim on their insurance compared to just over 20 per cent of cross-breed owners.

Owners of pedigree cats were eight per cent more likely to make a claim on their insurance policy than non-pedigree owners.

Pet insurance manager at Sainsbury’s Bank says, that, pedigree owners are more likely to call on their pet insurance for illness and disease than owners of crossbreeds because their animals are more likely to suffer certain hereditary illnesses.
“One of the biggest costs of owning an animal can be vet fees, so good quality pet insurance can help ensure that should your dog or cat become ill and need treatment, you can afford to pay for it,” he added

Inherited diseases are extremely common in pedigree cats and dogs, according to the Animal Health Trust.

The charity estimates that over 350 inherited diseases have been identified in pedigree dogs.

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