Deadly bird flu strikes again: claims the life of a chines woman

Death of a woman due to bird flu puts China in a higher alert . Deadly flu virus claims a human life almost after a year. All poultry markets are close and disinfection process is going on all around Beijing.

The 19-year-old woman died of the H5N1 virus after gutting nine ducks in a market in Yanjiao in Hebei province.

This incident alerts the experts regarding the role and risks of waterfowl in the transmission of the virus to humans.

The woman came in close contact with other 116 people, but none of them show symptoms of the disease.

The H5N1 virus has killed 248 people worldwide since 2003 and scientists are afraid that the virus might mutate into something more dangerous and cause a pandemic. Presently, the virus is mostly a threat to birds, but most cases of humans infected with the virus proved to be fatal.

According to government officials, though this is an isolated single case but still govt. will increase monitoring for the for the transmission of the highly pathogenic bird flu virus in humans.
In Beijing, workers fanned out to inspect poultry markets and slaughterhouses in the capital city after the government issued a bird flu alert, Xinhua said. It has also banned imports of live poultry from other parts of the country, except under license.

The last human H5N1 death in China was in February last year when a 44-year-old woman died in southern Guangdong province. As per WHO this is the 21st H5N1 death in China.

Since the H5N1 virus resurfaced in Asia in 2003, it has infected 391 people, killing 247 of them, according to WHO figures released in mid-December.



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