Crocodile caught from a school in Uttar Pradesh

DHANKURA - Wildlife authorities on Friday caught a crocodile after the reptile entered a school in Dhankura village of Uttar Pradesh..

The five-feet-long reptile had sneaked into the premises of Saint Maria Inter College.

“I witnessed this crocodile when I was shutting the doors of the school. It was dark and I saw something moving. I put on the torchlight and noticed this crocodile. Then I called my neighbour for help,” said Chhattarpal, a watchman at the school.

A team of wildlife officials later came and captured the crocodile. The reptile was later released in the waters of Sharda River.

Pilibhit district, where Dhankura village is located, has witnessed a number of incidents of wild animals straying into urban areas, mainly owing to loss of habitat and extension of human settlements into forest areas. (ANI)


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