China Would Soon Being Testing Bird Flu Vaccine

China announced on Monday that it would soon begin testing its own human vaccines for bird flu.

Laboratory tests have already found the vaccines to be safe and effective on mice.

China’s Agriculture Ministry has said the country is producing more than 100 million doses of bird flue vaccine everyday - enough to deal with an epidemic.

The Ministry has stepped up production of the vaccine to guarantee supply and has the capacity to produce 16 billion doses of bird flu vaccine a year, if needed.

Using new technology, the vaccine can now be produced in 34 days, compared to a 44-day production cycle previously, Xinhua reported.

Two extra factories have now started producing vaccines for waterfowl.

The news agency reported that the Agriculture Ministry has also started cracking down on counterfeit vaccines.
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China has vowed to vaccinate all of its estimated 14 billion poultry to contain the spread of bird flu.

In his announcement, Chief veterinary officer Jia Youling said all the fees would be covered by the government.

The move comes as new outbreaks of bird flu were confirmed in several regions of China in the past month.

So far there have been no confirmed human infections in China, although several cases are being investigated.

The H5N1 strain of bird flu has killed more than 60 people in South East Asia since 2003.

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  1. SALAH AWLA Says:

    I would appreciate to provide me with the Laborate contact and or the manufacture contact in order to order some vaccine for our popolation, as we are very close to Turkey and we are located in Iraq 27 Million Kurdistan is 7 million

    Best regards
    Salah AWLA
    General Manager
    Ster Group [] . [] []

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hard work is going on to develop a vaccine, and a positive result is expected within two to three months.
    I will let you know if I found any news about it.

    Thanks for mailing me.


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