Brit dog owner ends up in court for being too slow to pick up pet’s poo!

LONDON - A Brit dog owner, who was fined 75 pounds for being too slow to pick up his pet’s mess, as he had to walk five yards to his car to fetch a plastic bag, took his case to court.

Christopher Lindsay tried telling dog wardens what he was doing, but they still decided he was taking too long.

He contested the penalty, and after a trial that cost 1,000 pounds, magistrates threw out the case.

“I wish the council had listened. I tried to explain but they weren’t willing to budge and neither was I,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“It was a waste of my time and taxpayers’ money. The magistrates didn’t look too happy spending all that time talking about dog poo,” he said.

Lindsay, 49, of Bridport, Dorset, said that he intended to pick up the mess left by his German shepherd Bono.

“I have been a dog owner for 30 years and I have always picked up responsibly. Usually Bono only needs two bags when we’re out but both of them had been used so I was walking back to my car to get another one,” he explained.

“Next thing, they were handing me a fixed penalty notice,” he said.

Jane Williams, West Dorset District Council’s senior environmental health officer, said that many responsible dog owners felt strongly about dog mess being left on pavements.

“Our wardens will continue to advise, patrol and enforce for public health,” she added. (ANI)


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