Blood Glucose Monitor for Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats get diabetes too. That’s why Abbott Laboratories announced the launch of the AlphaTRAK, billing it as the first complete hand-held blood glucose monitoring system for dogs and cats.

AlphaTRAK can be used by pet owners to test their pets’ blood sugar rapidly, and accurately with a very small blood sample, without relying on blood glucose meters designed for humans, which can produce widely variable and inaccurate results in pets.

According to Abbott, as many as one in every 200 dogs and one in every 400 cats suffer from diabetes mellitus. Like humans, these animals are susceptible to both Type I diabetes, or the inability to produce insulin, and Type II diabetes, an insensitivity to insulin. However, Type I is more prevalent among dogs and Type II is more common in cats.

The AlphaTRAK will be shipping out to veterinarians beginning in March. If you want one, you’ll have to visit your vet, and request one.

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