Bit the bird flu with a jab: Universal flu vaccine is getting closer?

Bird-Flu-VaccineThis is what we were eagerly looking forward  for several years. A confirmed vaccine was highly required. For several years bird flu remains as a fatal threat for the world.

According to experts human to human transmission of the killer bird flu is inevitable as the H5N1 strain mutates. It’s just a matter of time.

On last Sunday scientists confirmed about a promising breakthrough that enable them getting nearer to eradicate deadly H5N1 bird flue virus, along with several other types of influenza viruses including Spanish Flu - a 1918 strain that killed millions.

Scientists were really getting closer following the trail to find out a cure of the deadly flu virus. This new study found an potential treatment derived from human, a protein which got the ability to neutralized different forms of influenza along with bird flu.

Through the study scientists found that flu infected mice which were injected with the human protein shows no symptoms of the flu.

Scientists are hopeful about a global flu vaccine, that can be derive from this human protein. They believe that possibly within 2011 they will be able to conduct human trial with their new vaccine.

The study was reported in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology on last Sunday.

According to World Health Organization(WHO), as on 18th February 2009, total number of world wide human cases is 408 and total number of human death due to bird flu is 254 (total number of cases includes number of deaths). These are only laboratory confirmed cases.

Source:Daily News


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