Bird Flu Snatched the 12th Human Life in China

A peasant worker (surnamed Lai, a 21-year-old) has become the 12th Chinese person to die of the bird flu virus. The official Xinhua news agency says he died in the central city of Wuhan on wednesday. It’s still unknown how he contracted the H5N1 bird flu virus.

The poultry immunization in Hubei this spring is nearing an end, with more than 96 percent of the provincial poultry in captivity having received the bird flu vaccine, according to the headquarters.

The man had been taken to hospital in April after showing symptoms of pneumonia, the agency said.

China has reported 17 human cases of bird flu, which have resulted in 12 deaths. The H5N1 virus has killed more than 100 people worldwide since 2003.

Bird flu has devastated poultry stocks, mostly in Asia. Outbreaks have also recently been reported in Africa and Europe.

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