Bird flu kills four Indonesians within two months

bird-fluWithin the month of January and February four person from Java island died due to bird flu infection, which includes two children. As per official report all the victims were believed to have been infected after direct contact with sick birds.

Indonesia which has been worst affected by bird flu since 2003, very recently faces criticism due to not referring the human death cases and also trying to hushing up all the bird flu cases.

Till now, most of the human cases world wide have been linked to contact with infected chickens. But health experts worry about the H5N1 virus, that could mutate into a form that passes easily among humans, and any day could easily start a pandemic that will kill millions worldwide.

Indonesia is considered to be a potential hotspot for that to happen, buy surprisingly officials have little details about the fatalities, they could only able to say that two of them were siblings from Bogor and others were from Bekasi and Surabaya and they were women.

According to World Health Organisation, total human death in Indonesia come up to 119, which is nearly half the human fatalities of the world, that is 256.



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