A Peruvian hairless dog is awaiting to accompany Obama’s daughter

The search for a pet started after the US President-elect promised his daughters a puppy when they move to the White House. Obama had also said that his elder daughter Malia (10) is allergic to most breeds.

Claudia Galvez, president of the Association of Friends of Hairless Peruvian Dogs in Lima was inspired to make the offer in response to Obama’s statement last Friday about the importance of selecting the right pet for his family due to his daughter’s allergies.

Galvez also hoped that Obamas will accept the offer. If Obama’s accept the offer from Peruvians, Galvez will send a 4-month-old pedigree puppy currently known as ‘Ears’ to them.

Peruvian Hairless dog is a breed dating back 3,000 years and depicted in pre-Hispanic ceramics, the hairless dogs are hypoallergenic, do not have fleas, have no hair, and, furthermore, have been known to cure inflammatory diseases such as asthma, arthritis and rheumatism.

Source: Business Line

Peruvian hairless is a slim and elegant dog and its appearance represents charm, power and harmony. He never looks stately, its pace is very light. You can see intelligence and brightness in its eyes.

Peru is diffident of alien people, however he should never be timid or aggressive. He loves its master (or its family) and it is devoted to them. It does not belong into a cot in any case.

These dogs are very calm and still in adult age, they bark minimally. Nevertheless they are excellent watchdogs. They are sensitive, clever and very perceptive dogs, they do not need any education, they are very easy feasible and absolutely troublefree.

Their hairless skin is smooth and soft on touch, nice and “warming”. Their skin has wonderful regeneration ability, any of their injury cures very well and quickly.

It is not too much attractive for many people at first sight like for example Chinese crested dog with its long crest, but if you know it closer once, you will be fascinated and will never forgo of this breed.

They have amazing intelligible features in the face, you can recognize a lot of feelings in their face, from delight to sorrow. They can “grin” and “grimase” or even wear a “long face”.(source:GavanysBohemia)


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