A frog that changes colour attracts crowds

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - A frog that changes its colour frequently is drawing crowds to the home of 35-year-old Reji Kumar in the city suburbs here.

Kumar, a lift operator at the city medical college, was startled to find a frog in dazzling white colour while watering his plants in his garden Friday.

‘I immediately caught it and put it in a glass bottle. The internal organs of the frog were clearly visible. And I was even more surprised when the white frog soon turned yellow,’ Kumar told IANS.

But the excitement of Kumar and his family did not end here. They soon found that the frog had turned a grey colour.

‘By night, it changed to dark yellow. We are all very excited and surprised. We are willing to hand over the frog to an expert for any sort of studies,’ said Kumar.

Professor of Zoology at the Kerala University Oommen V. Oommen said that it is common for animals to change colour.

‘Frogs do change colour to scare away predators, but what I have heard of the frog at Kumar’s place changing colour so frequently is a bit unusual. Anyway I will collect that frog for study,’ Oommen told IANS.

And now Kumar has a problem. He is trying to feed the frog but does not know what it eats. All his attempts to feed the frog have failed.


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