Costa Rican man’s best pal is a deadly 17ft crocodile!

LONDON - A daredevil fisherman loves to splash water with his best pal who just happens to be a deadly 17ft crocodile named Pocho.

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Chinese store offers tattooed fish to woo luck!

MELBOURNE - “Fortune fish” tattooed with patterns and characters are being offered in pet shops in a city in southwest China for those looking to woo luck.

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Brit dog owner ends up in court for being too slow to pick up pet’s poo!

LONDON - A Brit dog owner, who was fined 75 pounds for being too slow to pick up his pet’s mess, as he had to walk five yards to his car to fetch a plastic bag, took his case to court.

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Meltdown swamp-style: Louisiana’s alligators see recession saving their skins

Respite for reptiles as demand drops for skins

NEW ORLEANS — As conspicuous consumption loses some of its cachet during the recession, the swamp’s most conspicuous consumers have less to fear from humans.

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Like humans, monkeys too prefer mimics

WASHINGTON - Humans are not the only ones who recognise imitation as the sincerest form of flattery - monkeys too have a thing for those who ape their behaviour, a new study has found.

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Expert supports mother’s claim it might have been dog and not her who mutilated infant son

Expert says dog could have severed genitals

HOUSTON — An animal behavior expert testifying for the defense told jurors in Houston that a small dachshund could have severed an infant boy’s genitals, something which prosecutors accuse the child’s mother of doing.

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Migratory birds not choosy about selecting their rest stops

WASHINGTON - A new study Purdue University study researchers has found that migratory birds are not choosy about selecting their rest stops.

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Rabbit’s ears, cat’s face, horse’s tail, dog’s body make the perfect Brit pet!

LONDON - Researchers in Britain claim that the country’s perfect pet is an animal which is a weird mix of a cat and a dog, with a bit of a rabbit added to it.

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How your eyes spot a pal in a crowded cafeteria

WASHINGTON - Ever wondered how do you search for your friend in a crowded cafeteria? Well now, a new study on monkeys has shed light on how the visual system picks out an object of interest in a complex scene.

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Review: LastPass and Roboform take password management to the next level with online storage

Review: Password management eases with Net storage

NEW YORK — Do you use your kids’ names? Your pet’s? Your favorite color? We all use some dumb passwords that are too easy to guess.

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