Obamas settle on Portuguese water dog for First Pet

portuguese_water_dogWASHINGTON - Malia and Sasha Obama can celebrate: their highly publicised longing for a dog is set to be satisfied soon.

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Vet-Stem is all set to conduct human clinical trials

mans-best-friendPresently Vet-Stem, California is famous for providing regenerative solutions in the field of veterinary science.

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Stem cell therapy is a blessing for arthritic pets: vets anticipate

arthritic?The¬† applications of stem cell technology promises miraculous treatment procedures in the future world. Full article »

Guide dog not allowed for blind woman- says Polk County court

guide-dog?Stephanie Dohmen, a legally blind woman loses discrimination claim for using her guide dog while re-attending a training program in June 2002.

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Giant crocodile captured by fearless Sri Lankan youths

Just-16-ft-longCOLOMBO - A huge 16.5 foot (about 5.03 metre) crocodile weighing up to 1,000 kg has been captured in Sri Lanka, a newspaper said.

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Bit the bird flu with a jab: Universal flu vaccine is getting closer?

Bird-Flu-VaccineThis is what we were eagerly looking forward  for several years. A confirmed vaccine was highly required. For several years bird flu remains as a fatal threat for the world.

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Former White House cat, Socks, put to sleep

WASHINGTON - Socks, the famous first pet of the Clinton White House, has been put to sleep after several months of cancer treatment.

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Population of endangered dolphin rises in Orissa’s Chilika Lake

BHUBANESWAR - There’s some good news for wildlife buffs as the population of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in Orissa’s Chilika Lake has increased to 146 in 2009 FROM last year’s 138, an official said here Friday.

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Wild elephants-menaced Chhattisgarh to get two elephant reserves

RAIPUR - The central government has approved a proposal of Chhattisgarh government to create two elephant reserves in the state that has witnessed 23 human deaths by wild jumbos in the past 10 months, a minister said Thursday.

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50 Chihuahua puppies stolen from Belgium shop

Thieves have stolen 50 Chihuahua puppies from a pet shop in Belgium, local media said. Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest breed of dog.

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